Decor Houz Interior Sdn Bhd was established in 2010, we provide you with innovative peace flooring solutions in creativity, technology and high-quality standard that easily fit the space required. As one of the leading brands in the flooring industry, we supply various type of flooring solutions to local residential, commercial building, studio, restaurants and oversea market.

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Premium Vinyl SPC Flooring Installation Services

Is there anything else that can complement your interior better than installing the right vinyl SPC flooring? Flooring has always been one of the significant elements when it comes to interior designs. With various advantages that vinyl SPC flooring can offer, it is definitely the perfect option that you can opt for.


When selecting for premium SPC flooring, it is really important for you to know which design, materials and colors you are looking for, whether for your home or facility. At DHI, we have various ranges of vinyl SPC flooring for both wood and marble series. Scroll down to see our stunning collections that we have for you!


Comes with various designs and styles, DHI Vinyl SPC wood flooring is a great choice as it can bring the warmth, fresh and elegance vibes to your space. Selecting the right wood flooring color and style can be quite difficult, but put your worry away as we are here to help you with that!


When selecting SPC wood flooring, there are several options that you can go with, whether it is the light, medium or dark-colored wood patterns. Choosing the right flooring designs is really important to ensure that it will perfectly match your wall color as well as your overall interior design.


Aside from its high-quality looks, DHI premium SPC flooring offers excellent durability with its 100% waterproof and fire-resistance features. DHI SPC wood series also consists of a high-density rigid core layer which makes our DHI vinyl SPC flooring more durable and stronger. Very easy to clean and maintain, DHI Vinyl SPC Flooring is an ideal option especially for homes and offices.


Offering a magnificent and top-notch flooring solutions in Malaysia, we are here to serve you with the best SPC vinyl flooring installation. Scroll through to explore our samples below.

DHI 0191

DHI 0604

DHI 0718

DHI 1602

DHI 1605

DHI 2232

DHI 3185

DHI 4103

DHI 4106


Other than offering DHI SPC wood series, we also provide DHI SPC marble series that is great for both residential and commercial purposes. With its amazing durability and stability, our DHI SPC marble series comes with several outstanding designs and styles that you can choose from. Perfect to be installed in bathrooms or kitchen, as DHI SPC marble flooring is designed with great water and fire-resistant features.


Thinking to add a touch of luxury to your home? DHI SPC stone marble series can help you make your dreams come true. Stone marble can help to elevate your interior by adding a sense of luxury while maintaining the practicality at its finest. With its stunning looks, DHI SPC marble series will surely not go out of style.


Are you interested to know more about our premium SPC flooring series? Get in touch with our team at DHI and let us help with the best DHI vinyl flooring installation.


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